Tile Care & Maintenance

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Homeowners choose tile for many reasons, one is the ease of maintenance. Tile typically does not require harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning. However, like any surface, tile will need to be maintained to perform. Please, see below for some general guidelines:

  1. Make sure to remove any loose dirt and debris using a vacuum cleaner
  2. Clean only at arm’s length. This means that you clean as you go as opposed to spreading the cleaning solution and letting it set
  3. Apply the cleaning solution with hot water to the surface of the floor. Avoid any oil-based and acidic cleaners.
    • Solution Option 1 : 1/4th cup vinegar with 2 Gallons of water
    • Solution Option 2 : All-purpose household cleaner
    • Solution Option 3 : Miracle Sealant Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cleaner
  4. Scrub the surface to remove the stain or dirt
  5. Ensure the surface is free of any cleaners and dry before you finish

Grout Haze Prevention

No one wants to install gorgeous tile or glass only to damage the look with a hazy grout film over the top. The following video will ensure your tile and glass look just as perfect as you had envisioned. See the Bostik grouts we recommend here: Dimensions Glass Grout

Grout Haze Removal

If your grouting project does not go as planned and you are left with a hazy film on top of your tile or glass, follow the recommendations in this video to make your project pristine.