Hydroment® VividTM is a rapid curing, high performance, cement grout developed with the scientific breakthroughs of Bostik’s HyDrixTM and Color SuspensionTM Technologies. HyDrixTM Technology allows Bostik to precisely control the timing and formation of both the chemical and physical matrices of Hydroment® VividTM grout during the curing process. Hydroment® VividTM exceeds the requirements of ANSI 118.7 and contains Bostik’s Blockade® Antimicrobial Protection. Surface Art stocks all colors in a 25lb bag.


Bostik’s breakthrough Color Suspension Technology for exceptional application and clean-up properties

Excellent stain resistance - easier to maintain

No sealer required

Rapid curing - open to foot traffic in just 4 hours

Effloresence Resistance Technology

Fiber reinforced - increased crack resistance and superior non-sag properties for vertical installations

Exceeds ANSI 118.7 -superior long term performance

Bostik’s Blockade Antimicrobial Protection

Interior and exterior usage

Submerged applications


Water Cleanability - Pass

Vertical Joint Sag - Pass

Installation Temperature - 50 F to 100 F

Shelf Life - 1 year

Water Absorption - <5%

Compressive Strength - 3,000 psi

Tensile Strength - 500 psi

Shrinkage - <0.2%

Zero VOCs

Grout Colors

224 Mushroom

230 Almond

189 Alabaster

192 Latte

195 Shadow

141 Flash Walnut

139 Char Black

152 White

158 Classic Bone

184 Portabella

163 Linen

283 Hemp

160 Delorean Gray

148 Sand Beige

144 Misty Gray

162 Jamoca

142 French Gray

138 Champagne

150 Summer Wheat

143 Kahlua Cream

145 Mobe Pearl

146 Natural

25lb Unit

18lb unit