Spin Doctor
Leveling System

Achieving a flush surface from one tile to another has never been easier. With the new Spin Doctor Lippage Control System you can spin the leveling cap down with ease to the tile surface in seconds. Other systems require tools, use of both hands or awkward repetitive motions which can cause user fatigue when installing large format tile.

The Spin Doctor System uses a fast and precise free spin action that will accommodate most tile surfaces or thickness.


Loose spin cap reduces installation time and allows longer reach with less strain

Open view cap design allows user to see the grout joint for accuracy

Caps are reusable

Threaded spacer posts can be repurposed as additional spacers once separated from the base

Color coded threaded spacer posts distinguish varying sizes


Threaded spacers available in 1/8” and 1/16” thicknesses

Can be installed over tile, glass, and natural stone

Comprised of a revolutionary, proprietary material


1/8” Black Breakaway Threaded Spacer Post


1/16” White Breakaway Threaded Spacer Post


Reusable Leveling Cap


Anti-Friction Protection Plate (optional)

Step One

Insert the threaded spacer posts beneath each exposed edge of the tile, making sure there is direct contact between the spacer and the tile with no mortar in between. Position the spacer posts to best suit the tile size and layout. Install the adjacent tile tightly against the already inserted threaded spacer posts. Slide the tile back and forth or use a rubber mallet to bed the tile into the mortar while releasing air trapped inside.

Step Two

Place the rotating cap on the top of the threaded spacer post and SPIN the cap down to the tile surface. Turn cap as needed until all adjacent surfaces are flush.

Step Three

After mortar is cured to the manufacturer’s specification, the caps, threaded spacer posts and optional Anti-Friction Shield can be removed by kicking the pieces or using a rubber mallet in the same direction of the joint.