The sai Decoupling Crack Isolation (DCI) Waterproof One Pass mat allows the subfloors of your home to absorb compressional and tensional stress caused by weather, setline foundations and every day wear and tear. The superior design of this membrane allows for only one pass of thinset to be used which saves vast amounts of time as well as setting material. Without the membrane tiles will typically crack and deteriorate but with the sai DCI Waterproof One Pass mat you can rest assured that your investment will remain beautiful for years to come.


High Density polypropylene

3 ply structure that allows for uncoupling for tile protection as well as providing a vapor barrier

Layer 1: Mesh Weave Fabric – Tightly bonds matting to the tile mortar

Layer 2: “Dimpled” High density polypropylene – geometrically optimized shape for superior adhesions

Layer 3: Fleece Fiber – Increases adhesion area and minimizes shear stress


Can be installed over OSB, plywood, concrete and more

Strong enough to walk on

One pass design – no need to waste time with multiple passes of thinset

Compliant with all TCNA and ANSI recommendations and requirements

Guaranteed Protection
Against Decoupling and Mold

sai DCI Waterproof One Pass Mat is a double-duty membrane that provides waterproofing and cushioning under tiled floors. It can be installed over any substrate: OSB, plywood, concrete, and more. SAI DCI forms an impenetrable vapor barrier which prevents mold growth and grout discoloration.


Technology for Stable,
Longer-Lasting Flooring

Featuring a patented uncoupling design, sai DCI stops uneven or unstable substrates from cracking or dislodging tiles. It absorbs compression from everyday foot traffic and foundation settling, while keeping tiled surfaces intact, impeccable, and beautiful.

sai DCI’s Exclusive, Innovative
3-Layer Structure

1. Mesh Weave Fabric: Tightly bonds matting to the tile mortar

2. “Dimpled” High Density Polypropylene: Geometrically optimized shape for superior adhesion; reduces amount of adhesive needed

3. Fleece Fiber: Increases adhesion area; minimizes shear stress