Warm Tiles

Prodeso Heat Mat Membrane used in conjunction with the Warm Tiles cable and thermostat assembly is something to consider when you need both crack isolation and heat. The Prodeso Heat Mat Membrane is a polypropylene uncoupling crack isolation waterproof membrane that also doubles as a quick install cable heat mat. With the Warm Tiles cable the amount of heat is now your choice since the cables are embedded in the membrane to your specifications. Homeowners and installers both love this system for its ease of use and functionality.


Will configure to any shape or size of space

Flexible heating zone selection

Cost and time saving installation


Uncoupling crack isolation

Vapor management

Supports load distribution

Same day tile installation



U.S. Patent No. 8,176,694

Approved for Modified and Unmodified thinset

Small height increase 5.5mm (1/4 inch)

Approved Substrates: Concrete, Wood, OSB, Existing Vinyl Floor

Movement Joints: IAW TCNA EJ171 and TTMAC 301 MJ

Moisture Rating less than 25%

Minimum Tile size 2” x 2”

Warm Tiles:

CSA Certified for us in both US and Canada

Heating areas range from 7 ft2 to 250 ft2

Available in 120 and 240 Vac

A Beautiful Partnership


Installation Techniques


Patented Heat Assembly System


The Prodeso Heat Membrane’s unique and patented design allows for air pockets to form between the subfloor and the membrane itself. These air pockets allow for a vapor cycle to form and balance the vapor content of the subfloor assembly, increasing the mechanical and structural property of the wood subfloor.The Prodeso Heat Membrane is made of polypropylene, a completely waterproof substance, that will protect the wood subfloor from water damages to ensure a long-lasting installation.


The Prodeso Heat Membrane absorbs relative longitudinal movement between the subfloor and the tiles, eliminating the major cause of tile cracking and delamination making it possible to install underfloor electric heating on wood substrates. Each rounded square relief in the Prodeso Heat Membrane has a central cavity shaped like an inverted pyramid. When filled with thinset this inverted pyramid becomes an incompressible structure. These cavities act like pillars in a building support structure, evenly distributing and transferring the load from the tile floor to the subfloor below.


Even in warm climates, tile and stone floors can feel uncomfortably cold. The Warm Tiles Heat System cables are simple to measure, install, and control. The Warm Tiles Heat System thermostats make it easy to regulate heat. Choose the programmable thermostat to turn your system on and off automatically to suit your daily and weekly schedule, or choose the non-programmable thermostat for manual operation.