How to Navigate the Surface Art Showroom: Tile Display Slider Rack

on 28 May 2019

The Surface Art showroom features four double-sided tile display sliders. These displays highlight the diversity and quality of our tile products. Each is categorized by the look and meant to give you a comprehensive idea of what the product will look like once installed.

They individually showcase 2 still and 12 rolling grouted panels on the front side. On the back side, there are 50+ loose tiles to hand-select and design with.

KB15-usage-step-01b.jpg   KB15-usage-step-03a.jpg

Each rolling panel contains an 18-square foot grouted panel as well as 5” circle cutouts of the other colors offered in the line. Signage indicating all product specifics from color, shape, size, and technical information are hung on each panel.


The number indicated on the side of the panel above the series name and on the signage on the front of the panel are of significance. On the back of the display where the loose tiles are held these numbers are also used. Each individual tile piece has a number in the lower right-hand corner. This specifies which panel each loose tile corresponds with.


For example, a customer comes into the showroom and sees Milan installed on a panel on the front of a display slider. Next, they identify the number 23 with Milan via the front signage or on the side of the panel.


Then, they walk to the reverse side of the display to see an array of tile options, but which ones are the loose samples of Milan? They locate the number 23 in the bottom right-hand corner of the loose piece and see that Milan is available in four colors: Silver, Grey, Taupe and Charcoal.


Surface Art’s new showroom has ample tools at your disposal to select the right tile. Our tile display sliders are designed for you to see our product full scale and grouted. We want you to feel empowered to find the right tile and select the best color for your project.