by Kennadie McDermott
on 17 June 2019

Looking for a way to add a unique visual to your kitchen or bathroom? A glass tile or mosaic mix can add a beautiful accent in a backsplash, shower, and more. Glass tiles can be mixed with other material, like a marble, travertine, slate, metal or porcelain tile.

 Antique Stained Glass Alabaster Lifestyle

What are glass tiles? Glass tiles have been used in mosaics since 2500 BC. The barrier to create glass tiles has always been high due to the high temperatures needed to melt glass and the skills needed to master cooling the glass to perfection. Some modern glass making technologies have made this process simpler which has allowed the glass tile industry to flourish since the 1990’s. Glass tiles are popular in pools, kitchens, spas, and bathrooms due it’s high cleanser moisture resistance.  

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A backsplash in a kitchen, whether behind a sink or stove, is a great place to showcase something more than just a painted wall. The trend of glass tile is a fun way to accent a kitchen and bring a sense of style to your home. Glass tiles are great for kitchens that lack natural light because the brightness that reflects from the glass can help brighten an area. 



Want to add a unique touch to your bathroom? Glass tiles are a great option for a decoration, niche and/or band in your shower to give a special visual appeal that provides a sense of depth and dimension within the shower. A pro of using glass is the low maintenance factor. This is because the glass tiles are easy to clean - a great option in a shower where soap may build up. 

 clear glass slate pewter rustic room

Surface Art Inc offers many glass tile and mosaic options that can blend with any other products selected. Our combinations of glass in different colors with stones, metals and more give you the option of finding the perfect blend to add a special touch to your space