by Kennadie McDermott
on 24 June 2019

Linear lines give the illusion of depth on a flat surface. When linear tile is laid on the ground it gives the appearance of stretching a room. These lines are predominant in our wood-look, travertine, and urban tile products.

Granada Surface Art Tile

One of our new 2019 products, Granada, has travertine like veins that run across the length of the tile. This elongates the aesthetic of the space.


Antique Forms Surface Art Wall Tile

Another of our products with a linear look is Antique Forms. This Spanish, ceramic wall tile has paralleled texture that runs the length of the tile creating an almost shiplap like effect. This adds a 3-dimensional effect to the product.

Surface Art Natures Bamboo

One final example of a linear tile look is Nature’s Bamboo. This tile has a natural linear effect which comes from the pattern imprinted on this Italian Porcelain tile. This organic effect is a different approach to a linear look but still adds a sense of depth and stretch to the surface of the product.

Linear tile can reduce visual clutter and give a more continual appearance to any wall or floor. Linear lines maximize the feel of an open-concept home while keeping a minimalist, fluid design because of how the lines blend into one another.