by Kennadie McDermott
on 01 July 2019

Traditionally, Travertine is a limestone which can be found in many parts of Italy. Travertine is a very porous material and is subject to scratches and liquid absorption which can lead to stains and ring marks. These flaws have led to the creation of a travertine-look porcelain tile. Travertine Porcelain tile has the beauty that comes from natural travertine without any of the flaws.

18x18 Antico Classic lifestyle

Porcelain tile is baked at an extremely high temperature which makes the material non-absorbent and offers superior hardness with resistance to wear, scratches and stresses. Additionally, travertine-look porcelain tile does not require any particular care of maintenance like natural stone requires.

Surface Art offers a variety of Travertine Look Porcelain Tile. We have two new Travertine look tiles in our 2019 product release. The first is Granada, a Spanish impervious porcelain tile. This tile is light commercial rated, suitable for both floor and wall applications both interior and exterior. Granada has linear veins that run the length of the tile.

amb 08 antica grey

Another Travertine look tile Surface Art is launching in 2019 is Vigo. Vigo is a Spanish Impervious Porcelain tile as well, suitable for floor and wall applications both interior and exterior. Vigo comes in two shades and has more consistent, narrowed veining than Granada which keeps the pattern smooth.

Vigo Grigio resized

One of our favorite Travertine looks that has been around at Surface Art for a few years now is Antique Onyx. Antique Onyx is a classic Travertine Look porcelain tile. Antique Onyx comes in four shades, a variety of sizes and is good for floor and wall applications, both interior and exterior.

antico walnut lifestyle resized

If you are dying for a natural stone aesthetic without the maintenance and expense, a Travertine Look Porcelain tile is the perfect selection. And if you decide natural stone is the best product for your space, here at Surface Art we do also carry a small selection of the best natural stone Travertine on the market. Please contact or your local sales rep to find out more about our natural stone selection.