by Kennadie McDermott
on 08 July 2019

Marble is known for being an elegant wall and flooring option that gives any space a sophisticated look and feel. True natural marble can be expensive and hard to maintain. Fortunately, there is a solution that is affordable and still gives the elegant effect of Marble – porcelain tile with a marble look.

The look of marble is a timeless look for any bathroom or kitchen. Marble-look porcelain tile are better suitable for areas that encounter a lot of moisture like kitchens or bathrooms because they do not absorb as much liquid as real marble does which leads to warping, dulling and deterioration over time.

One of Surface Art’s most popular marble-look tiles is Marmi. Marmi is impervious porcelain, rectified, and polished. Marmi has a true marble look due to the amount of white on the face of the tile with veins of grey.

Marmi 16x32 Roomscene Surface Art

Another popular Surface Art marble tile look is Andrea, a vitreous Porcelain that is also rectified and polished. Andrea comes in three shades to give more variety and choice. Andrea comes in two kinds of mosaics, 2x2 squares and hexagons which are very popular in shower pans or as an accent.

Andrea Surface Art

Di Pietra is another one of Surface Art’s most sought-after marble-looks. Di Pietra is a rectified porcelain tile that comes in Calacatta or Statuario coloring, as well as both in polished and satin finishes. The Di Pietra Statuario has more grey tones in the tile and the Di Pietra Calacatta has wamer, taupe veining.

di pietra Calacatta Lifestyle Surface Art

Overall, marble-look porcelain tile is the best substitute for natural marble if you are wanting a durable, non-moisture absorbent alternative that gives your space a classic marble look.