by Kennadie McDermott
on 15 July 2019

Surface Art has a variety of wood look porcelain tiles and luxury vinyl tile. Wood look porcelain tile can be a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Wood look porcelain tile is more durable than a typical hardwood floor in many ways. Wood look porcelain tile does not scratch and is virtually waterproof. This is ideal for areas with high amount of moisture such as kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

 Carlton Plank Grey

Wood look porcelain tile has a natural-looking in appearance that you enjoy in any area of your home, both on the floor or the wall. Additionally, wood look comes in many color options. This makes it easier to find the shade of wood floor you want without having to worry about price since wood look porcelain tile is more affordable than hardwood floors. 


One of Surface Art’s wood looks is our Oxidized Plank. This plank has a rustic look that comes in four shades, ranging from dark to light. As pictured here, this plank looks great on a wall which gives a unique look to any room. Oxidized Plank Weathered Grigio Room Scene

Oxidized Plank Weathered Charcoal

Another wood look from Surface Art is our Carlton plank. This tile is a Spanish polished porcelain tile. As seen in the photo, this tile can seamlessly blend together a wall and floor to give a unique wood look.

Carlton Plank Blue Room Scene

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