by Kennadie McDermott
on 22 July 2019

Cement and concrete looks are appearing into the heart of many people’s homes, not just in basements or garages anymore. Cement look tile gives a clean, industrial and contemporary feel to any area inside or outside the home. Cement look porcelain tiles have grown largely in popularity in recent years due to tile’s highly durable properties which is like actual concrete, but unlike actual stained or polished concrete floors, tile doesn’t need to be sealed.

texture Graphite lifestyle resized

Pictured here: Texture in Graphite Stone

Why choose porcelain tile over actual cement tile? Cement/concrete floors must be sealed or waxed a couple times per year for best results. This means you must clear all furniture and go through the hassle of sealing the floors at least twice a year. Porcelain tiles are as durable as true cement but do not need nearly as much maintenance and are easier to install. Additionally, cement/concrete is very heavy compared to porcelain tiles. Cement look porcelain tiles can be installed on any floor of a building and on both floors & walls. Cement is typically only on ground floors due to its weight.

Aggregato Wind Lifestyle resized

Pictured here: Aggregato in Wind

One of Surface Art’s most popular cement looks is Brushed Cement. This tile has a contemporary concrete effect. Brushed Cement comes in Grey Stone, Blue Stone and Sandstone to give three varied color options. We love seeing this tile used both indoors and outdoors.

Brushed cement blue stone room

Additionally, porcelain tiles have the option of installing radiant heat beneath the tile for heated floors. This is a great benefit considering concrete floors get cold in the wintertime because they do not retain any heat. Overall, porcelain tile that has a cement look is more durable and cost effective in the long run. Porcelain tiles are easy to replace when broken, just a matter of taking out the broken tile and replacing with a new one. Cement flooring does not have the same luxury, meaning cracks or breakages become a hassle to fix.

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