by Kennadie McDermott
on 05 August 2019

Metallic surfaces make any home or space look chic and on trend. Although metal looks beautiful when first installed, it can easily become oxidized or get scratched due to its thin material. Additionally, metals require resealing which means more time dealing with maintenance. What is a solution to dealing with the downside of the problems associated with metal? A porcelain tile metallic look.

Metallic porcelain looks give homeowners the guarantee that their metal aesthetic will stay the same from the day one of installation to years after dut to porcelain tiles not oxidizing or scratching as a true metal would over time.

Here at Surface Art we have a variety of Metallic looks that will give the beauty and charm of real metal into any home or commercial space.

Nightmoves Clay

Featured: Nightmoves Clay in 12x24

Nightmoves is one of our 2019 new metallic look porcelain tiles. Nightmoves comes in three shades: Clay, Ocean and Storm. Clay gives off a copper appearance while Ocean is steel blue in aesthetic and Storm a black titanium. In the photo above Nightmoves is featured on the surface of a floor to ceiling fireplace. Metallic look porcelain tiles are excellent selections for fireplaces because the material does not get as hot as a true metal would, making it a safer material to have in this area of a home.

nightmoves ocean

Featured: Nightmoves Ocean

A benefit to metallic look porcelain tile is that it can be used in areas that often get wet, like kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. Metal is typically not used in these areas due to how it reacts to water. As pictured here, Nightmoves is the perfect alternative for a metallic look in a bathroom without having to worry about how the water and metal will react.

Radiate Grey

Featured: Radiate Silver in 12x24

Our second new 2019 metallic look product being introduced is Radiate. Radiate comes in White, Silver and Carbon. This is a great product for both the floor or wall, in either residential or commercial spaces. This product has a specific glazing on the surface which adds another dimension when light hits the tile, the metallic drizzle adds depth to the installation.

Brushed Metallic Grey Board Label resized

Featured: Brushed Metallic Grey in 24x24

A favorite metal look that Surface Art offers is Brushed Metallic. This porcelain tile has a crosshatched sheen over the top of the glazed tile background. Brushed Metallic is a commercially rated product that can give your space an industrial chic feel without having all the maintenance that would come with a true metal, especially in an area that is used frequently.

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