Why choose a Premixed Grout?

by Kennadie McDermott
on 21 October 2019

Get superior color consistency during installation with Bostik TruColor RapidCure pre-mixed urethane stain resistant grout.

Looking for an easier way to install tile? Premixed grout is the best tile grout for many reasons, but one of them being the ease of installment. At Surface Art, we have two premixed grouts, TruColor and Dimension. Both are urethane grouts which contain flexibility, stain resistance, and color consistent throughout each bucket.

What is the difference between TruColor and Dimension? TruColor grout comes in 26 solid colors that will match essentially any tile. Dimension grout is available in 15 colors and has glass micro sized beads imbedded in the urethane to create an extra sparkle when light hits the grout line. This is the best grout for glass tiles because the reflection compliments the glass.

Urethane grouts are slightly more expensive than cement-based or epoxy grouts but make up for the cost with benefits and ease of installation. These premixed, no sealant required grouts have many benefits:

  • Urethane grout can be installed in joints from 1/16in to 1/2in. This grout has a crack resistance formula which allows it to be flexible, even after the grout cures. Urethane grout is great for homes as they settle over the years, boats or RVs.
  • Additionally, there is no sealing required for our urethane grout. This makes installation easier because you do not have to go over it again with a sealer after you are done grouting.
  • Lots of color options – there are over 25 TruColor standard options and Dimensions has 15 color options.

Looking for tips for the best way to install a premixed grout? Watch the video below to find out how simple TruColor and Dimensions are to install: