Best Grout for Glass

by Kennadie McDermott
on 28 October 2019

What is the best grout for glass tile?

Choosing a glass tile is an exciting part of the design process. Glass is used to enhance aesthetic by adding color, shine or shape to a space. Don’t let a solid color grout detract from the aesthetic you are trying to achieve – use a specialty Glass Grout which will enhance the glass. Dimension Glass Grout is a premixed, pre-sealed urethane grout that has micro sized, color coated quartz beads mixed within it. Dimension will not scratch the surface of the glass tile and has a unique reflective quality.

This grout sparkles in the light which creates a beautiful installation that is not distracting from the glass but enhances the overall appearance. Dimension does not have to be only used with glass tiles, it is available to add an extra sparkle to any backsplash, wall or floor application.

A bonus is that this product is LEED Friendly! Dimension Glass Grout is made up of 60% recycled glass with an eco-friendly formulation. Dimension is the best grout for eco-friendly installations.



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