December 2019 New Products - Mont Caro and Marfil

by Kennadie McDermott
on 19 December 2019

This month we launched two new products, Mont Caro and Marfil. These both are Spanish Impervious Porcelain tiles that come in 12x24, perfect size for either floor or wall applications. They both come in a 3x24BN and 2x2 mosaic – great for a shower pan or decorative accent.

Marfil crema grigio tile collage 1

Marfil Grigio on left & Marfil Crema on right

Marfil comes in two beautiful colors, a neutral grey and a traditional cream. This classic look is a great subtle marble look with soft veins running through each piece to give it a natural appearance.

mont caro ash victoriaII tile collage 4


Mont Caro Ash

Mont Caro is a sedimentary rock look that comes in three shades of grey. This look has bold movement throughout each piece giving it a fluid motion all together. The three beautiful shades of grey complement each other well and can be combined into one install for contrast.