General Guidelines for Cleaning Tile

by Kennadie McDermott
on 02 January 2020

Below is what we recommend as a general guideline for cleaning tile:

Make sure to remove any loose dirt and debris using a vacuum cleaner.
Clean only at arm’s length. This means that you clean as you go as opposed to spreading the cleaning solution and letting it set.

Apply the cleaning solution with hot water to the floors surface. Avoid any oil based and acidic cleaners.

Solution Option 1 : 1/4th cup vinegar with 2 Gallons of water
Solution Option 2 : All-purpose household cleaner
Solution Option 3 : Miracle Sealant Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Cleaner

Scrub the surface to remove the stain or dirt.

Ensure the surface is free of any cleaners and dry before you finish.