09 Sep
by Kennadie McDermott


What is Coefficient of Friction and why is it important?

Tiles come in many finishes, the most popular two being honed and polished. Many homeowners and designers start the design process by determining what finish they would like the tile to be because they are worried about slippage. Determining what tiles have a COF suitable for your floor tile is the first step in deciding which tile you are going to select.

Definition of The Coefficient of Friction (COF): COF is the ratio of the force of friction between an object and a surface to the frictional force resisting the motion of the object. To measure the friction between a surface (tile) and an object you must first determine how much force is required to move an object horizontally across that surface. 

The higher the COF the more resistance there will be for movement. This means that a COF of .7 is more resistant to slipping than a tile with a .5 COF.

Additionally, there is a DCOF rating, which is Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. Once you are slipping, DCOF comes into play. When a floor is wet the amount of static friction has been reduced and once you are slipping you create dynamic friction. The more dynamic friction there is the slower a foot will slide across the floor.

One of our new products this year is Montac. Montac has an R11 rating and a DCOF of .62. This means that this product has enough texture to be safe for use around pools, in bathrooms, saunas or any area that gets wet frequently.


Montac is just one example of a product with a high DCOF rating. Many Surface Art products are rated for commercial and residential use.

A frequently asked question is do you have to give up polished tile for safety? Typically, a polished tile will not have a COF rating high enough to be suitable as floor tile. But do not let this discourage your dream of having a polished floor. There are many other tiles that have a shine or glaze that are suitable for floor usage to give you the polished look you are going after, while maintaining safety.

Gusto, has a double glazed deco and is also floor rated. As seen below, the deco gives a polished glaze look in random geometric patterns.

Gusto black double glazed deco

Want to know more about COF? Check out our education page here.


26 Aug
by Kennadie McDermott

Surface Art is proud to say we were featured in 4 homes in this year’s Street of Dreams. The Northwest Street of Dreams is the best place to see what is new for home design and provide inspiration for future remodels and new construction. After being in the 2018 Best in Show home last year, we are excited to see which home will win this year.

Brushed Metallic in color White is beautifully installed in a master bathroom on both the floor and shower walls. We love how this builder chose to make the transition from floor to wall seamless to tie the whole room together.

Brushed Metallic White

Brushed Metallic White Bathtub

Our Petrified in color White looks stunning on another master bathroom floor. This is a 16”x32” tile with a semi-polished wood look that coordinates perfectly with the dark cabinets.

Petrifried White

Flamed is a popular wood look porcelain tile that we introduced last year. Flamed’s unique, rustic wood look add character to this bathroom and hallway between two bedrooms. Victoria in color White is paired with it on the walls of the shower.



Vogue Branches was installed in a guest bathroom. The veining in the branches are 3 dimensional, giving the space a chic look.

Vogue Branches

Victoria in color Grey looked fantastic throughout this bathroom. We commend the builder for using tile instead of paint or wallpaper to give the walls a nice texture that then blended perfectly into the shower walls.

Vistoria Grey

Victoria Grey


The NW Street of Dreams is officially closed, but check out their website https://www.streetofdreamspdx.com/ to see more images of the 2019 houses!


19 Aug
by Kennadie McDermott

Why settle for paint when you can spice up your wall with tile that comes in fun colors, textures and shapes? Color is back and Surface Art is your go to place for a variety of wall tiles that will fit any aesthetic you are wanting to achieve.

parkside bianco blush grigio nero room

Parkside is a colorful wall tile that comes in a 2 ½” x 8” rectangle and a 5” x 5” square. These are vibrant midcentury tiles that come in 10 different colors. Parkside is also available in a wall & floor rated 7” x 8” hexagon for those who want to continue the color on to the floor.

parkside grigio 2 room

parkside bianco room


Panorama is a fun “pez” shaped tile. Panorama comes in 10 colors, some matte and some glossy finish. This mid-century tile is perfect for an accent wall, backsplash or pop of color in any room. Surface Art is excited to offer fun color options for those who crave something more than the basic.

Panorama Gloss Blush Roomscene

Stacked Marble is a fun addition to our wall tile. Stacked Marble comes in three colors and has an interlocking pattern, like our Stacked Quartz and Cambridge product lines, which virtually hides all the grout joints making for a seamless installation. There is a smooth, hammered and brushed texture on Stacked Marble making it unique and eye catching. This impervious porcelain tile can be used both interior or exterior, making it great for the sides of building, column wraps, fireplaces and bathrooms.

Stacked Marble Nero

Tangier Decos has been around for a few years but continues to grow in popularity. This 8” x 8” tile comes in over 25 different prints in both a Multi Mix, colorful option, or a Taupe Mix, greyscale option. Both patterns come in a glossy finish, perfect for an accent wall or backsplash, or a matte finish, great for a floor deco.

Tangier Decos Multi Mix Roomscene

Tangier Decos Taupe Mix Room Scene


12 Aug
by Kennadie McDermott

Looking for a stone look that isn’t a marble? Quartz looks have been around for centuries and have grown in popularity. While marbles are typically white, a quartz is a mineral available in a variety of colors. Surface Art has many quartz looks to fill the need for this aesthetic.

Cornerstone is one of our new 2019 products. This tile comes in three colors in a 12x24 shape. This tile is suitable for both floors and walls as well as interior and exterior settings. This is a subtle quartz look with a soft appearance.


Featured here: Cornerstone

Another popular quartz look for Surface Art is Himalaya which features bold colors and heavy texture. With just a single piece of this product, you can see a high variation which helps this product look and feel realistic.

Himalaya Beige

Featured here: Himalaya

Interested in more Quartz Looks? Click here to see all the quartz looks we offer!