15 Jul
by Kennadie McDermott

Surface Art has a variety of wood look porcelain tiles and luxury vinyl tile. Wood look porcelain tile can be a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Wood look porcelain tile is more durable than a typical hardwood floor in many ways. Wood look porcelain tile does not scratch and is virtually waterproof. This is ideal for areas with high amount of moisture such as kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

 Carlton Plank Grey

Wood look porcelain tile has a natural-looking in appearance that you enjoy in any area of your home, both on the floor or the wall. Additionally, wood look comes in many color options. This makes it easier to find the shade of wood floor you want without having to worry about price since wood look porcelain tile is more affordable than hardwood floors. 


One of Surface Art’s wood looks is our Oxidized Plank. This plank has a rustic look that comes in four shades, ranging from dark to light. As pictured here, this plank looks great on a wall which gives a unique look to any room. Oxidized Plank Weathered Grigio Room Scene

Oxidized Plank Weathered Charcoal

Another wood look from Surface Art is our Carlton plank. This tile is a Spanish polished porcelain tile. As seen in the photo, this tile can seamlessly blend together a wall and floor to give a unique wood look.

Carlton Plank Blue Room Scene

Be sure to check out Surface Art on social media to see the new 2019 wood looks that will be posted throughout this week. Follow us on Pinetrest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – @surfaceartinc

08 Jul
by Kennadie McDermott

Marble is known for being an elegant wall and flooring option that gives any space a sophisticated look and feel. True natural marble can be expensive and hard to maintain. Fortunately, there is a solution that is affordable and still gives the elegant effect of Marble – porcelain tile with a marble look.

The look of marble is a timeless look for any bathroom or kitchen. Marble-look porcelain tile are better suitable for areas that encounter a lot of moisture like kitchens or bathrooms because they do not absorb as much liquid as real marble does which leads to warping, dulling and deterioration over time.

One of Surface Art’s most popular marble-look tiles is Marmi. Marmi is impervious porcelain, rectified, and polished. Marmi has a true marble look due to the amount of white on the face of the tile with veins of grey.

Marmi 16x32 Roomscene Surface Art

Another popular Surface Art marble tile look is Andrea, a vitreous Porcelain that is also rectified and polished. Andrea comes in three shades to give more variety and choice. Andrea comes in two kinds of mosaics, 2x2 squares and hexagons which are very popular in shower pans or as an accent.

Andrea Surface Art

Di Pietra is another one of Surface Art’s most sought-after marble-looks. Di Pietra is a rectified porcelain tile that comes in Calacatta or Statuario coloring, as well as both in polished and satin finishes. The Di Pietra Statuario has more grey tones in the tile and the Di Pietra Calacatta has wamer, taupe veining.

di pietra Calacatta Lifestyle Surface Art

Overall, marble-look porcelain tile is the best substitute for natural marble if you are wanting a durable, non-moisture absorbent alternative that gives your space a classic marble look.



01 Jul
by Kennadie McDermott

Traditionally, Travertine is a limestone which can be found in many parts of Italy. Travertine is a very porous material and is subject to scratches and liquid absorption which can lead to stains and ring marks. These flaws have led to the creation of a travertine-look porcelain tile. Travertine Porcelain tile has the beauty that comes from natural travertine without any of the flaws.

18x18 Antico Classic lifestyle

Porcelain tile is baked at an extremely high temperature which makes the material non-absorbent and offers superior hardness with resistance to wear, scratches and stresses. Additionally, travertine-look porcelain tile does not require any particular care of maintenance like natural stone requires.

Surface Art offers a variety of Travertine Look Porcelain Tile. We have two new Travertine look tiles in our 2019 product release. The first is Granada, a Spanish impervious porcelain tile. This tile is light commercial rated, suitable for both floor and wall applications both interior and exterior. Granada has linear veins that run the length of the tile.

amb 08 antica grey

Another Travertine look tile Surface Art is launching in 2019 is Vigo. Vigo is a Spanish Impervious Porcelain tile as well, suitable for floor and wall applications both interior and exterior. Vigo comes in two shades and has more consistent, narrowed veining than Granada which keeps the pattern smooth.

Vigo Grigio resized

One of our favorite Travertine looks that has been around at Surface Art for a few years now is Antique Onyx. Antique Onyx is a classic Travertine Look porcelain tile. Antique Onyx comes in four shades, a variety of sizes and is good for floor and wall applications, both interior and exterior.

antico walnut lifestyle resized

If you are dying for a natural stone aesthetic without the maintenance and expense, a Travertine Look Porcelain tile is the perfect selection. And if you decide natural stone is the best product for your space, here at Surface Art we do also carry a small selection of the best natural stone Travertine on the market. Please contact or your local sales rep to find out more about our natural stone selection.

24 Jun
by Kennadie McDermott

Linear lines give the illusion of depth on a flat surface. When linear tile is laid on the ground it gives the appearance of stretching a room. These lines are predominant in our wood-look, travertine, and urban tile products.

Granada Surface Art Tile

One of our new 2019 products, Granada, has travertine like veins that run across the length of the tile. This elongates the aesthetic of the space.


Antique Forms Surface Art Wall Tile

Another of our products with a linear look is Antique Forms. This Spanish, ceramic wall tile has paralleled texture that runs the length of the tile creating an almost shiplap like effect. This adds a 3-dimensional effect to the product.

Surface Art Natures Bamboo

One final example of a linear tile look is Nature’s Bamboo. This tile has a natural linear effect which comes from the pattern imprinted on this Italian Porcelain tile. This organic effect is a different approach to a linear look but still adds a sense of depth and stretch to the surface of the product.

Linear tile can reduce visual clutter and give a more continual appearance to any wall or floor. Linear lines maximize the feel of an open-concept home while keeping a minimalist, fluid design because of how the lines blend into one another.