21 Dec
by Kennadie McDermott

Matte finish porcelain or ceramic tiles are great for many reasons, from design aesthetic to the ease of cleaning. Matte tiles can give your space a more tranquil feeling due to the more natural look of the finish. Also, matte tiles are better at concealing smudges, dried water droplets and more.

Fab-crete is a porcelain matte tile that is a mix of two looks - fabric and concrete. The matte finish of Fab-crete has a subtle pattern and great texture. This line is available in 6 beautiful neutral colors which can go well in any virtually space.  

Fab crete

Artisan is a subway line that is available in 6 colors in two finishes, glossy and matte. The matte finish of Artisan has a smooth texture which makes cleaning a breeze. We love how the matte colors in this line give a calm and comforting feeling.


Laredo is a matte only subway tile line available in 4 neutral colors. The slightly distressed edges on this line makes it perfect for a farmhouse aesthetic.


Paris is a marble look porcelain hexagon. Paris is a unique line because marble looks are known for being a polish or satin finish, not a matte finish. This line is a smooth matte finish making it perfect for floors or walls.  


BATCH is a go-to subway line available in four shades of Grey and White in 4x12 in glossy and matte finishes. We love how the matte colors in this line are not dulled down due in the matte finish.


28 Oct
by Kennadie McDermott

Create a beautiful backsplash, shower or accent wall with textured large format wall tile! More people are shifting to covering the entirety of their walls with tile, rather than just a mere backsplash or part of the wall for a shower. Larger tile that covers more space gives a harmonious look.

To start we have Esteem, a 12x24 white 3D patterned wall tile. This line is offered in a flat white as well. The 12x24 size is the most popular, making for a simple installation.   


Esteem Arrow

If you are covering a larger area or want even less grout lines, we have Vogue and Etch, two other white 3D wall tile lines that come in a 16x48 size. This unique size creates a seamless look that is easy to clean and maintain.


Etch Linear White


Vogue Branches

The classic subway style is shifting towards bigger sizes as the trend for large format tile increases. We currently have two lines that can be used for a large subway aesthetic, Motion and Velocity. These two lines are both 10x30 wall tiles that come in a flat and a deco. Motion is available in Bianco and Taupe with either a flat orange peel like texture or a ridged deco. Velocity is available in 2 colors, Bianco and Grigio in a glossy flat or glossy wave 3D pattern.


Motion Taupe


Velocity Grigio

Gallant is another great option if you are looking to have your textured wall tile match your floor tile. Gallant, a cement look, comes in a flat porcelain floor and a linear textured deco tile for the walls. Gallant allows you to create a truly seamless look from floor to wall.



Gallant Noce


13 Oct
by Kennadie McDermott

We love that color is back and is in full force in the tile world! Although there are many colors making a comeback, currently we are obsessed with all our blue tile. Adding a colored tile may seem daunting, but it is the perfect way to dip your toe into bold color design without diving in headfirst.

First, we start out with Emma Ocean and Sky. Emma comes in the classic subway shape of 3x6, 4x16 and 4x16 with a ripple relief to add a fun 3D pop to your wall. Emma is great because you can choose a classic shape with a vibrant color.

Emma Ocean

Emma Ocean and White in 3x6


Emma Sky in the 4x16 ripple, pencil and 4x16

Next, we have Victoria II Sky. Victoria II is available in four sizes, the classic subway: 3x6 and 3x12, as well two modern shapes: a 6x6 square and a 4x8 elongated hexagon. Sky is the perfect light blue that will go with many cabinet and paint colors.


Victoria II Sky 3x12

If you are looking for a bold pop of blue, look no further than Gusto Azul! Gusto comes in a 5 ¼ x 5 ¼ square in a honed and double-glazed deco finish and is impervious porcelain – making it perfect for floor or wall. The bright navy in Azul makes this gorgeous tile the perfect statement for any room!


Gusto Azul Double Glazed Deco

Parkside is one of our lines that has a high variation look. Parkside has two blues, Navy and Seafoam. Both colors come in a 2.5x8 subway and 5x5 square, and the Navy is also available in a corresponding 7x8 porcelain hexagon.


Parkside Navy and Bianco in 2.5x8



Parkside Seafoam in 2.5x8

Finally, we have Mallorca, one of our patterned lines that is filled with blue tones. Mallorca is a matte porcelain that is great for both floor and walls. We see Mallorca in laundry rooms, showers, and backsplashes! Mallorca looks lovely installed with solid colors as well, as shown below, to give a hint of color and pattern without being overwhelming.


Mallorca Diamond with Contempo Bone White

24 Jul
by Kennadie McDermott

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