Natural Stone

When your project calls for stone there truly isn’t a substitute for the real thing. Stone has been used as a surface material for 1000’s of years for it beauty and durability. It is no wonder why many of the wonders of the world are made of stone and still carry a brilliance about them to this very day. Feel free to explore the varied beauty that is Surface Art Natural Stone.

Ledger Stone

Ledger Stone (8 Colors)

  • Stone Cladding
River Pebbles

River Pebbles (5 Colors)

  • Stone Mosaics
  • Perfect for backsplashes
River Rock

River Rock (4 Colors)

  • Stone Mosaics
  • Perfect for backsplashes
Micro Crystal Stone

Micro Crystal Stone (4 Colors)

  • Natural Stone
Micro Crystal Stone II

Micro Crystal Stone II (4 Colors)

  • Looks like Natural Stone
  • Made of Micro Crystal Stone
  • Does Not Need to be Sealed