Surface Art Tile Finder

NOTE: At any time you can press the "FIND TILE" button and generate the results from your selection(s), or follow the steps below to get the exact tile you are looking for!

  1. LOOK & STYLE:
    1. Choose the LOOK that you want then a STYLE list will appear.
    2. Choose the STYLE(S) that you want, or skip it to see the entire category.
  2. COLOR:
    Narrow down your search further with COLOR(S).
  3. SHAPE & SIZE:
    1. Selecting a SHAPE will allow you to narrow down size of the tile you are looking for. Once a SHAPE is selected a SIZE list will appear.
    2. Go ahead and select a SIZE.
    Looking for tile made in "Italy" or only want to see tile recommended for "backsplash" installations? Add your KEYWORD to the search to filter your results even further!