COVID-19 Update:

Surface Art remains open under augmented conditions. In order to help prevent the spread of the virus in our office and warehouse facility, we are following the CDC and WHO guidelines. Most of our staff will be working from home. The showroom will be closed to the public. Will Call is open 8 am-5 pm with an augmented procedure, see signage on site for more details. Shipping, order taking and all other administrative tasks will continue regularly.

Porcelain Tile Collections

Concert Series

Concert Series (13 Colors)

Our two most value driven collections, High Desert and Concert represent the merger of price point and fashion. If you are budget conscious these high performance tiles definitely look more superior than their pricing suggests.

San Marcos

San Marcos (9 Colors)

This collection fits perfectly between impervious porcelain and ceramic. San Marcos is sure to satisfy a discerning designer or a homeowner that wants an upgrade. This vitreous porcelain body is determined strictly for indoor use yet maintains a heavy commercial rating.

Seville Series

Seville Series (52 Colors)

Rectified lines along with urban contemporary finishes round out the Seville collection and allow it to be used in any residential or commercial space. Updated colors blossom as blues and greys blend to create cutting edge yet timeless surfaces. The Seville Collection is suitable for indoor use.


Studios (55 Colors)

Venetian Architectural

Venetian Architectural (82 Colors)

Our Architectural collection hones in on contemporary preferences and offers these lines for both commercial and residential spaces. Large format sizing and more uniform visuals define this collection.

Venetian Classics

Venetian Classics (109 Colors)

The enduring appeal of classic looks is that they are also timeless. Here we find ourselves among dozens of realistic wood planks, slate and quartz visuals all with unimaginable textures. Surface Art uses the Classic collection to house some its most popular lines.

Venetian Concepts

Venetian Concepts (21 Colors)

Texturing and complex color blending creates the eye catching visuals that you are looking for and with the Concepts collection you can be assured that you will stay within budget.

Venetian Metallic

Venetian Metallic (5 Colors)

Integrating a sheen into the glaze gives this collection its unique metallic look. For the consumer that wants a statement piece, Metallic is the collection for you. This unique manufacturing process produces a quality tile that pushes the envelope in style yet will remain relevant for years to come.

Venetian Pinnacle

Venetian Pinnacle (8 Colors)

The peak of our line, the Pinnacle collection represents the finest in tile manufacturing. The level of depth and realism in the Pinnacle is best experienced in person at one of our many showrooms, however, exploring the line below is a good start to your journey.

Venetian Reale

Venetian Reale (61 Colors)

The Reale collection captures the natural world and blends it with updated coloring. The lines in Reale vary from layered and linear visuals to some of the most authentic replications of slate and stone on the market.

Venetian Select

Venetian Select (16 Colors)

Rich pantones, multiple size offerings, and imbedded value define this collection. All the lines offer trendsetting rectangular sizing that allow for creative approaches to installation patterns.

Venetian Signature

Venetian Signature (24 Colors)

True to nature styling is what distinguishes the Signature line from any other. If you are looking for the most realistic travertine or limestone visuals for your home but don’t want the maintenance of natural stone these tiles will be perfect.

Venetian SP

Venetian SP (13 Colors)

Our first introduction into the impervious porcelain world, the SP collection brings with it unprecedented quality with great value. This collection allows Surface Art to offer tile that not only performs to the homeowners expectations but is also beautiful.

Venetian Vintage

Venetian Vintage (49 Colors)

The Vintage collection blends old world charm and high performance resulting in a tile that brings historic visuals to your home. So go ahead and reimagine the past while updating your home.

Venetian Way

Venetian Way (29 Colors)

The newest Surface Art collection. The visual diversity of the impervious porcelain lines in Venetian Way is spectacular. Only high quality Spanish and Italian tile are selected for this collection.