Venetian Pinnacle

The peak of our line, the Pinnacle collection represents the finest in tile manufacturing. The level of depth and realism in the Pinnacle is best experienced in person at one of our many showrooms, however, exploring the line below is a good start to your journey.


Petrified (3 Colors)

  • Unique Wood
  • Lapatto Finish
  • Made in Italy
Elegant Plank

Elegant Plank (0 Colors)

  • Modern Wood
  • Made in Italy
Paradise Plank

Paradise Plank (0 Colors)

  • Rustic Wood
  • Made in Italy
Burma Plank

Burma Plank (0 Colors)

  • Unique Wood
  • Made in Italy
New Zealand Plank

New Zealand Plank (4 Colors)

  • Unique Wood
  • Made in Italy
Providence Plank

Providence Plank (0 Colors)

  • Rustic Wood
  • Large FormatMade in Italy

Realm (4 Colors)

  • Coming Summer 2016
  • Wood Look
  • Porcelain for Floor
  • Made in Italy

Flamed (3 Colors)

  • Italian Impervious Porcelain
    • Wood
Carrara Elite

Carrara Elite (1 Colors)

  • Spanish Impervious Porcelain
    • Rectified
      • Marble