Surface Art Heat

Easily add comfortable and flexible radiant heat to your new tile flooring with Warmup Heat Membrane and Surface Art Heat Cable Kits.

Easily Add Radiant Heating with SAI Heat and WarmUp Uncoupling Membranes

SAI Heat Floor Warming Cable Kits installed with WarmUp Membrane give the combined benefits of an underlayment membrane with the comfort and convenience of radiant floor heating.

Features & Options


Surface Art Heat Floor Warming Cable Kits are easy to install with
Warmup Uncoupling Membrane and a healthy and efficient
way to get warm, comfortable floors. Each cable kit includes: 1
heating cable, and installation instructions. Thermostats include 1
heat sensor. All other accessories available separately.

Key Features:

  • Versatile: Install under ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone
    tiles; or laminate and floating engineered wood floors
  • Consistent temperature all day long
  • Quiet, allergy-friendly heating


buying options:

120 and 240 Volt Kits

bathroom image


Warmup Uncoupling Membranes are innovative uncoupling
membranes designed to result in significant protection for tiled
flooring by creating a new layer between the subfloor and the
floor finish. The Membrane has been successfully tested to ANSI
118.12 standards and performed well on the Robinson test
(ASTM C-627). It is the highest-rated membrane for floor heating

Key Features:

  • Flexible heating zones
  • Cost and time-saving installation
  • No tools required to fit the cable
  • Highest heating outputs
  • Uncoupling crack isolation
  • Supports load distribution

buying options:

Fleece Backed in 150sf Roll and 2’ 3” x 3’ 3” Sheet
Peel and Stick Available in 150sf Roll and 3’ 3” x 2’ 7” Sheet

Fleece Back- 150 SF
150 SF Fleece Backed Roll
Peel _ Stick
150 SF Peel and Stick Roll


Warmup Insulation Boards are the first insulation boards designed for use with electrical floor heating systems. These boards are used to ensure that the heat does not pass through to the sub-floor from the heat cabins, resulting in maximum efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • No dust to clean up/breath in during installation
  • 50% more even heating and 30% faster heat up times than standard boards
  • Built-in Decoupling Layer
  • Helps Reduce Energy Usage

buying options:

2′ x 4 Boards

Insulation Board


Surface Art Heat Floor Warming Cable Kits are available for any square footage.

  • For areas larger than 70 square feet (6.50 m2), the 240 Volt Cable is recommended.
  • Kit combinations that exceed 15 Amps may require a relay kit.
  • Can be installed under laminate or engineered floating wood floors. Not approved for nail-down installations.
  • WarmUp Uncoupling Membrane sold separately.

Not sure the square footage you’re heating? Calculate your heating needs below!

Calculate Your Needs

STEP 1 Calculate total area to be heated

  1. Create a diagram of your floor plan, similar to the one shown at right.
  2. Break down the walkable area to be heated into smaller portions (squares, rectangles), if needed.
  3. Find each floor section’s square area by multiplying the length and width of each walkable floor section. Add each of these together for the installation’s total walkable square area. Shown as dark blue.


Surface Art Heat Floor Warming Cable Kits are available for any square footage.

  • For triangular sections, multiply its sides and divide by 2.
  • Order WarmUp Uncoupling Membrane based off full square footage of the room, not just the square footage to be heated. WarmUp is a backer-board replacement and will need to be installed on the entirety of the floor.

STEP 2 Determine heating needs and cable spacing requirem

Standard Cable Spacing

Use standard cable spacing for insulated wood subfloors. For example, a second story bathroom.

Dense Cable Spacing

Use dense cable spacing for rooms above unheated areas, concrete slabs, or high heat loss areas. For example, a basement bathroom.

Alternate Cable Spacing

Use alternate spacing to accommodate rooms that do not fit standard or dense spacing. For example, if standard spacing would leave excessive cable and dense spacing does not reach the entire area.

STEP 3 Choose voltage and correct cable kit

For areas larger than 70 square feet (6.50 m2), the 240 Volt Cable is recommended. Each cable kit includes heating cable, 1 thermostat sensor, and installation instructions.

Thermostats & Accessories

  1. Thermostats and accessories are sold separately from cable kits
  2. Cable kits include heating cable, 1 thermostat sensor, and installation instructions
  3. Kit combinations that exceed 15 Amps may require a relay kit



The Terra WiFi thermostat is the perfect way to introduce the benefits of energy efficient smart underfloor heating control to your home while complimenting your interior style.

Featuring touch buttons and a simple display for accurate management of your home’s floor heating, the Terra offers true ease of use – simply scroll and tap to change the temperature. Its sleek, unobtrusive design will suit any home decor.


The RFT is a basic programmable thermostat with
an attractive touch screen display. The unit has
a 15 amp switching capacity for 120V or 240V


The SmartGeo technology within 6iE’s partnered MyHeating app controls your heating automatically by knowing how far from home you are and warming your home in time for your arrival. This prevents energy wastage and can save you up to 25% on your energy bills..

Get the MyHeating app in the App Store or Google Play.



One sensor comes with your thermostat but we recommend purchasing an additional sensor as a back-up.


Helps monitor the installation as you go by sounding a loud signal in case of a ground fault or an open or shorted connection in the cable.


Relay kits allow large area coverage using one thermostat and are only required if your system exceeds 15 amps. Includes faceplate.

PLRK1 120-Volt Relay Kit
PLRK1 240-Volt Relay Kit

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